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This article assume that you have familiar with SVN and Git both on a basic level.

  1. Install following component on your PC
    1. (Git Client like SVN)
  2. Create a repository similar to you root work folder like
    1. Source Code Git” for a repository like “Source Code
  3. Choose “Git Clone” option

  4. Provide your SVN url and local directory

  5. You will be prompted for you SVN repository password, enter you SVN repo password.
  6. Create a remote repository from your control panel like
    1. http://yourGITrepositoryUrl/yourproject.git
  7. Right Click on the local folder which you have created using SVN repository and select

  8. Type “Git Status” to check the status of your repository

  9. Also check the branches using following command
    1. Git branch -a
  10. Type $ “git remote add origin http://youGitRepositoryUrl” This will add a origin for your local repository where the changes will be pushed
  11. Type “git push –u origin master” to push trunk into the remote master branch. You will be prompted to enter username/password
  12. Now switch to other branches you want to push to the remote repository
  13. Type “git checkout yourbranchnamePresentinSVNRepository
  14. Once you branch is switched you can push it to the remote Git Repository by typing “git push –u origin yourBranchName“.
  15. Repeat the same for all your local branches until all are pushed to remote Git Repository.

To automatically save the Git UserName and Password (For Push and Pull)

  1. Goto git setting by right clicking on your project foldergit settings
  2. Select Advanced option and project url and username
  3. git settings panel

Following is the piece of code to get your executing Jar name and its modified date. You can use these info for logging purpose:-

// Get File Jar File

String jarFileName = new;

JarFile jf = new JarFile(jarFileName);

// Get Manifest

ZipEntry manifest = jf.getEntry(“META-INF/MANIFEST.MF”);

// Get Manifest date time

long manifestTime = manifest.getTime();

Date date = new Date(manifestTime );

DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(“YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss:SSS”);

String dateFormatted = formatter.format(date);    “Executing Jar :” + jarFileName + ” with modified date: “ + dateFormatted);

Random Acts of Architecture

Much has been written and debated on whether software architects should write code. Many argue the more architects understand the language, tools and environment they are designing for, the more effective they are and this is best achieved by implementing some or all of the design. Non-coding architects, sometimes called “PowerPoint architects”, “astronaut architects” or “ivory tower architects”, may use archibabble and talkitecture to convince non-technical stakeholders of their expertise while delegating the unsolved, real problems to developers, so much so that it has become an organizational pattern (“Architect Also Implements“) and corresponding anti-pattern (“Architects Don’t Code“). Others argue that architects responsible for implementing their architectures lose focus on the bigger issues and longer term vision. Understanding does not necessarily require knowledge of the minutiae and, as systems scale up and diversify, implementing it requires too much time or spreads the architect too thin. Therefore, should software architects write code?

As with…

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Steve Wedig's Notes

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many of the best software developers have T-Shaped Skills: Deep expertise in programming and software development, and broad knowledge of diverse areas including testing, DevOps, UX design, team organization, customer interaction, and their domain areas. While there is unfortunately no substitute for experience, reading is probably the next best thing. Over the past 10 years I’ve read a lot in an effort to deepen and broaden my knowledge as a software developer. Along the way I’ve been organizing books and concepts into the reading list I share below. I have been trying to design a core curriculum for “modern” software development by asking myself:

  • What core concepts are required to be a world class software developer?
  • What is the best book for introducing and teaching each concept?

The result is a…

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  • How to Gets or sets the fully qualified path of the current working directory.
    • Environment.CurrentDirectory:-
  • How to get Application Data folder:-
    • Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData)
  • How to get current application name:-
    • System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Name
  • How to download a file (zip) from a url/web service (php) using c#
  • How to extract zip file using (till Framework 4.0)
  • How to replace a string in an string array in c#
    • var values = line.Split(‘,’);
    • var sanatizedValues = values.Select(x => x == “” ? x : “Null”).ToArray(); OR
    • string[] items2 = items.Select(x => x.Replace(“one”, “zero”)).ToArray();


Despite the currently most selling brand in Pakistan. Q- Mobile is very low in quality and hardly completes its warranty period. You will be lucky if it dies sooner so you can claim your warranty.

I have used Nokia and there is a marginal difference between the quality of Nokia products and Q-Mobile. Recently my Q-mobile A9 losses it touch sensitivity making it a complete dump. I can’t even retrieve any data within the phone.

Beware before buying Q-mobile specially touch screen. It’s better if you try out a low specification HTC mobile. It will be more durable as compared to your so called brand new Q-mobile.

I have even used Q-mobile with key pad they aren’t even comparable to Nokia mobile. They do provide a bit more features but the quality of Camera, Keypad and Mic is very low. So you have to change your mobile within very short span of time.


Ashfaq Memorial Hospitals Telephone Number

ENT Specialist:-

  1. Dr Tariquee:- 5:30-6:30PM  (Monday-Saturday)
  2. Dr Qaisar Sajjad: 6:30-7:30PM  (Monday-Saturday)


  1. Perven Azam

Note:- If you are still looking for any other doctor bill do mention it in comment box. I will add that to the list as well. Also if you have some knowledge about any other doctors timing do mention it here.

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