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What is a Regular Expressions?

Basically, a regular expression is a pattern describing a certain amount of text. Their name comes from the mathematical theory on which they are based. Regular Expression help you search/find specific part inside a particular sentence.

Starting with them most easy example:-

This will match the exact test string. Here \b is used as word boundary.
So you are done with your first example.

Useful link for Web designing

99 Design

Useful link for Web designing

  1. 99 Designs

Starting Java

As the Java still dominate as Number 1 programming language, now it’s time to try some hand with Java.

First you need to download IDE:-

Popularity of different programming languages

With the ever changing and evolving world of programming. Programmer try to remain updated and want to be abreast of  the knowledge which language is the most suited one for future.

Following are the links you could follow:-

  1. Tiobe

Use ful links

I have been starting this post for just mentioning some useful links i came across in my daily surfing :-


  1. A useful site mentioning different types of calendar.
  2. Dojo Kit
  3. Ext JS


  1. Some Top Must-Have Tools for an ASP.NET Developer
  2. Some Commercial Grid controls


  1. Understanding the SharePoint, ASP.NET Relationship
  2. ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint
  3. Writing Custom Web Parts for SharePoint 2007


  1. A nice site to mention trends with Salary

Online Meeting:

  1. Some online meeting tool
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