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1.       Symposium: A ‘super-conference’ of smaller conferences, e.g.:

a.       a meeting or conference for the public discussion of some topic especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentations


2.       Conference: e.g.

a.       one of the conferences as part of the symposium, above.

b.      Conferences are occasional or annual meetings organized by a committee, with a group of appointed paper reviewers who review submissions and select the most suitable, original, best etc. papers for publication in a book: ‘conference proceedings’.

c.       Conferences are self-funded – i.e. people attend because they are interested in the conference subject matter. People who attend pay a registration fee, which provides for e.g. a printed book of proceedings for all registrants.

3.       Workshop:

a.       There are nominal differences between a workshop and a conference paper

b.      A workshop paper isn’t technically a publication and is typically meant to represent work-in-progress

c.       Nowadays, workshops are typically very topically-focused and non necessarily any less quality than a conference paper

d.      That being said, I think it’s safe to say workshop papers are generally regarded as less prestigious than conference papers.


4.       Journal: e.g. one of Nature’s publications,

a.       Journals are usually peer-reviewed, which means your paper was carefully evaluated for errors and possibly rewritten a few times. It also could have been rejected. Conference papers (or proceedings) take whatever you send them if you participated in the conference. Journal articles (from peer-reviewed journals) are better.


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