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List of countries without postal codes




  • Djibouti: No postal code used.
  • Dominica: No postal code used.
  • East Timor: No postal code system in use since Indonesian withdrawal in 1999.


  • Gambia: No postal code used.
  • Ghana: No postal code used.[citation needed]
  • Grenada: No postal code used.
  • Guinea: No postal code used.
  • Guyana: No postal code used.
  • Hong Kong: have postal code but not used.’For More information visit this Page Hong Kong Postal code[1][2]
  • Ireland: No postal codes; however, Dublin is divided into postal districts on syntax Dublin 9.
  • Jamaica: Previously JMAAA99 The code consists of five letters and two digits. The first two letters are always ‘JM’ (for Jamaica) while the third is for one of the four zones (A-D) into which the island is divided. The last two letters are for the parish, while the two digits are for the local post office.[2] This has since been suspended, and Jamaica currently has no post code system. However, Kingston and Lower St. Andrew are divided into postal districts numbered 1-20[3]
  • Kenya: 99999. Deliveries to PO Boxes only
  • Kiribati: No postal code used.
  • Korea, North: No postal code used.






How to debug classic ASP pages in Visual Studio (2003,2005,2008,2010)

For debugging Classic ASP keep in mind two key terms:-

1. Classic ASP debugging only works with IIS. It does not work with the VS Development Web Server.
2. In Visual Studio you have to attach to the ASP worker process (w3wp.exe in IIS 6,7).

Here is how to make ASP debugging work:

1. Enable ASP debugging on the server.

2. Open classic ASP in VS Studio.
3. Set breakpoint.
4. View page in browser or run without debugging.
5. Debug | Attach to Process
6. Locate IIS ASP worker process (w3wp.exe on IIS6/7) which exposes x86 and Script and attach as Script.

How to get IP4 from IP6 returned IP address

This is not so much of a change in WCF that is a change in networking. Your client has used its IPv6 to connect to the server and that is the address which is stored in the context of the message. If you need to get hold of IPv4, use the snippet below:

    IPAddress ipAddress = IPAddress.Parse(ipv6);
    IPHostEntry ipHostEntry = Dns.GetHostEntry(ipAddress);
    foreach (IPAddress address in ipHostEntry.AddressList)
           if(address.AddressFamily == AddressFamily.InterNetwork)

This will translate your IPv6 to IPv4.

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