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It’s really insane; once you dive into the world of web development. You are amazed with the number of technologies available. The real problem occurs once you have to decide what to do. Web development is not just learning a single technology its a mixture/blend of several technologies. Not only you have to learn those technologies you have to decide this as well; which to learn first and which to learn later.

Creating of a web application span over several steps:-

  1. Inception of Idea/thoughts
  2. Creating a mockup(design/wire-frame) , in which it is sketched what the web application will contain.
  3. Once the design is finalized it is HTMLized (Html is created out of that design)
  4. Once you create the HTML, it is ready to be used within you web forms.
  5. Web forms do utilize client side and server side technologies.
  6. Several other steps do include but these are the main steps

Now we come to the point where to start:-

Different people when starting a thing have different level of experience so you can adapt it as per you need and adaptibility.

  1. I would prefer you should first of all start learning HTML. You should know all the basic elements of HTML and how to use them.
  2. Once you are apt in HTML i would prefer learning Javascript and try to explore it as much you can because it the core client side language for html manipulation. Jquery, AJAX all are based on Javascript, so make it the second weapon of your choice.
  3. Once you are done with Javascript now let play with CSS, it is like beautifying your html. BEWARE NOT TO USE ANY SERVER SIDE LANGUAGE UNTIL YOU MASTER ALL THESE THREE.
  4. Once you are good at these 3 now you can use any server side language, PHP or JSP. I would prefer using PHP as it will allow you to manipulate your HTML directly.

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