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Firebug is one of the widely used Firefox plug-in for web development but using it in IE some time become difficult. Here is an easy way to use it in IE without referencing any code in your web-page.

Step #1 Add a favourite (I prefer to add to Favourite Bar so we can use it on a single click)

Step #2 Once your favourite is added right click on it and chose properties and place all the code below in URL field

javascript:var firebug=document.createElement(‘script’);firebug.setAttribute(‘src’,’’);document.body.appendChild(firebug);(function(){if(window.firebug.version){firebug.init();}else{setTimeout(arguments.callee);}})();void(firebug);

All of the above code should be pasted in URL of the favorite link and should be in one line

Step #3

Above idea is fetch from “Firebug 1.5: Editing, Debugging, and Monitoring Web Pages

If you have any issues using Firebug in any browser let me know via comment box below.


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