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  1. You can cast string in jQuery like this

    String(1) + String(2);

    In php you can do it as follow

    $myText = (string)$myVar;


  1. You can use Ctrl + Shift + J in chrome to look at debugging panel
  2. XHR means XMLHTTPRequest
  3. XHR debugging enable by default in Chrome.
  4. You can use variable in following manner when having an ajax call in jquery



            $params = “param1=abc&param2=200”;    



                 type: “POST”,

                 url: “yoururl“,

                 data: $params,

                     success: function(data) {

                        $(“#iframeid”).attr(‘src’, String(data));





  5. You can set an iframe location using following code in jquery

    $(“#iframeid”).attr(‘src’, url);

  6. You can use iframe with following code

    id=”iframeid” src=”;



            longdesc=”Unable to see this”






Still missed several other observations K






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