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Things to remember before buying a Smart Phone

Recently had a chance to buy a new Smart Phone, this time I have thoroughly research and concluded several thing to identify before going for a new phone. Sharing the list over here as it can be helpful for anyone buying a new smart phone.

  1. Comparison:-
    1. Compare the mobile you intend to buy using the link This will help you get line by line comparison.
  2. Connectivity:-
    • This is the most important thing for a Smart Phone. Without (Wi-Fi or 2g/3g/4g connectivity) your phone is just a useless brick.
  3. RAM:-
    • Ram will help you out with memory intensive application like games etc. As of this writing phone with 6GB RAM are available in market
  4. Storage:-
    • Primary storage is the mandatory location for several applications. The more primary storage you have more applications you can install
  5. Provisioning of Memory Card Slot:-
    • Some mobile phone don’t allow you to add an additional memory card, so you have to stick with what storage they offer. Evaluate this as per your needs
  6. Battery:-
  7. Screen Size
    • 5 inches screen are easily portable so you can adjust as per your specific need. Screen-to-body ratio is another important factor go for bigger ratio.
  8. Screen Type
    • There are two major player Amoled Screen and IPS screen. IPS is more real life images and Amoled is good for viewing Video and so. You have a thorough research to identify your needs
  9. Screen Resolution
    • Go for a higher screen resolution 1080 x 1920 or higher also you need to go for higher ppi (Pixel per Inch) to have high definition images
  10. Mobile Chipset
    • Go for a high end and latest chipset.
    • Latest is snapdragon 835
    • 4K video
      1. To support 4k video you have to have at least Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset
      2. Want to know what 4k is, try recording a video in your phone and it will switch to a low resolution video, if your phone doesn’t support 4k processing.
    • High end chipset will have high end GPU
  11. Camera Resolution
    • Primary:- This is to take the pictures of your surrounding
    • Secondary:- This is for your Selfies
    • Now you to decide what you opt for (Secondary camera with 5 MP or more will help you take great selfies
    • Dual Front Camera:- There is another option in certain mobile phones have 2 front camera one for focusing on yourself and other to help capture the background
  12. Available Sensors
    1. Finger Print Recognition/Security:
      1. You wouldn’t find it in many phones but I feel it a great feature as you don’t have to type anything to unlock your phone
  13. NFC
    1. If you are plan to use some Tap & Service
  14. OS (Up gradable to which latest version) 
    1. Mobile Vendors other than Google plan for their OS upgrades with a delay whereas google phone get immediate roll-out of new version.
    2. If you want have always update android go for Google Nexus
    3. You can have a Android version comparison here 
  15. GPS
    1. Identify which type of GPS features are present in the mobile for precise location
    2. A-GPS
    3. GLONASS

There are lot more to add to this list but let me conclude it here.

Kindly share your comments and suggestion to improve this list.

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