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My First meeting with Computer

My first encounter with computer was way back in 1995 when I was a kid. I went to an academy to get acquaintance with computer. So I get started with DOS and was able to write some programs in BASIC language.

My Bachelor’s Degree and Windows acquaintance started together

I started using WINDOW NT for the first time in 2001, at my Computer Engineering Lab. As it was a nice experience and I could satiate my desire to stay close with computers. I spend a lot of time in my university lab using TURBO C to create C programs, creating EMAIL ACCOUNTs, CHATTING, BROWSING, and exploring new horizons of Web and computer. I used 3D software’s like 3D Studio Max and Animation plugins like Character Studio. I also tried some hand on experiments with MAX scripting language. Ialso tried my hands on AUTOCAD and completed several university assignments using this. I have had a chance to play with FLASH as well and Action scripting as well. My first semester project using C was a Master Quiz. Then we used C++ as well to create a Text Editor and a CD player.

During my software engineering course I opt to use Visual Studio 6.0 as IDE for Rapid application development here I got a change to work in VB 6. During my RDBMS course I have had a chance to work on Oracle as well. I worked on Prolog too. I have also worked on LINUX too.

                Besides software’s I had a chance to work on several hardware related project involving circuits boards and other accessories.

Here comes the internship

I worked as an intern at CRESCENT LEASING CORPORATION for a period of 2 months. During my internship I get familiarity with IT department activities and network related activities.

IT manager was intended to expand the network. So we not only installed network cable but also created those straight and cross cable.

I have had change to meet a VB programmer there as well. Who do share his ideas and thought on the system they were developing but never allowed peeping inside his code 🙂

My Final Year Project

A part of our Computer Engineering course we have to complete a final year project. We choose a project name “Web Application Server”. Dislike to its name it wasn’t a server but it was somewhat a web application. As my team mates weren’t that good in programming, I was the lead role in developing that application. We use and for our web application.

Eintelligence:- The start of my voyage

I started my first job in April 2005 with a software development company named “Eintelligence”. Here I was part of a team of C-Sharp (C#) developers, who were working hard to complete an in house ERP. The backend database used here was SQL SERVER 2000 and the source control used here was VISUAL SOURCE SAFE. We used ERWIN to model our database. I also created several report using Crystal Reports

                TextileIndustry was the Prime target for this ERP. I have worked on different modules like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and General Ledger etc.


  • Hands-on  experience with Visual Source Safe
  • Hands-on experience with ERWIN for database Modeling
  • Business/Domain knowledge related to ERP and its different modules
  • Usage of Design pattern in a Large Scale Software.
  • Interface designing for Desktop based Application
  • Hands-on experience with web based CRM
  • Improved learning in C#,, ASP.NET 1.1, SQL Server 2000
  • Implemented Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
  • Improved knowledge of Crystal Reports

First Habib Modaraba:- My next stopover

Way back in July 2006 I commence my duties as Officer Grade C at First Habib Modaraba (A financial institution). I was keen to get insights of a financial institution. I worked on an in house developed MIS system developed using and SQL Server 2000. I have created a finanancial forecasting module over there and also created several reports using crystal reports.


  • Experience of a live/production environment
  • Dealt with stress associated with Live working environment
  • Gained knowledge regarding Equity Market, Stock exchange, listed companies.

Salsoft Technologies: – Core Web development begins

In 2007 I pick to work for Salsoft, a web development company. Here I solely worked on web based application using and

                These projects are basically built for Market Research Company. The projects were processing intensive to automate the tasks of market research. Job tracking system was designed to track the job that have been assigned to specific staff and the can view all the jobs on a calendar based control.

                Coding system  was also aimed at market research, which intake verbatim files as input and allows modification based on specific words and sentences. Extremely intensive logic was used to create tree based link.  Flytreeview, an base tree view was used to its fullest extent.

I have also researched on several new technologies. Like Objective C, SQL Lite, X-Code etc.

Chilli Zone:-

In 2009 I joined Chillzone, a UK base development company. We were supposed to migrate an MS Access and SQL Server based System to Web based system.


What I did, when not on job

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